Functional Resume

Joe Peichel
21025 Larkin Road * Corcoran, Minnesota 55340 * 612.251.5609 * email: [email protected]  


To lead technical teams to successful web-based business system implementations.


  • Proven technical leadership of diverse global teams over 14 years at a Fortune 250 enterprise
  • Broad and deep understanding of Internet and web technologies
  • Successful motivator of highly-skilled technical resources


International Leadership

  • Chaired Seagate IT Application Architecture Core Team; grew team to over 150 members worldwide
  • Brokered software development and technology standards across 3 major manufacturing sites - Singapore, Minnesota/US, Springtown/Northern Ireland
  • Led time-sensitive (4 months) proof-of-concept for secure Internet-based disk-to-disk backup service spanning 4 of Seagate's US campuses

Knowledge of Web Technology

  • Launched Seagate's first business application-focused intranet and extranet web sites in 1995 (Sales Rep 2000 and Customer Web 2000)
  • Led Seagate's first 3 generations of secure web-based collaboration systems for sales, marketing, and engineering


  • Inspired implementation of Seagate's first consolidated international remote access infrastructure, 1995-1997, rolled out to 14 countries globally
  • Led implementation of Seagate Sales and Marketing's first suite of secure, single sign-on suite of global Internet-based applications written in Java (1995-1997)

Work History

1994-2009    Seagate Technology LLC, Bloomington, MN
IT Architect, Nov, 2001 - Jan 14, 2009
Architect, Sales & Marketing Applications, 1997-2001
Developer, Sales & Marketing Applications, 1994-1997
1993-1994    SKAMP Computer Services
Technical Support Specialist, US West Enterprise Sales Group, Apr 1994 - Oct 1994
Bench Developer, Feb 1994 - Apr 1994
Developer, Cargill Freight Logistics Group, Dec 1993 - Feb 1994
1991-1993    Mirror Technologies
Product Manager
Technical Support Manager
Production Technician
1987-1991    Northgate Computer System
Quality Data Systems Engineer
Field Service Manager (Liaison to Sorbus Computer Services)
Team Lead, Customer Technical Support
1981-1985    The Computer Shop
1979-1980    Microcomputer Systems Corporation
Field Service Engineer
Bench Test Technician
1978-1979    Computerland/Weldon Electronics, Inc.
Bench Technician
Demo Technician
1977-1978    Magnetic Peripherals, Inc.
QA/Final Test Technician

University of Phoenix, 1991 - 1992, No degree completed; various undergraduate work
University of Minnesota, 1987 - 1988, No degree completed; various undergraduate work
NEI College of Technology at Dunwoody (formerly Northwestern Electronics Institute), 1978 - 1980, Associate in Electronics Technology (2-year technical degree)
Mankato State University, 1975 - 1976, No degree completed; various undergraduate work

Community Service
  Choir Member, St. Thomas The Apostle Church, 2007-present
  Bassist, St. Thomas The Apostle Church, 2007-present
  Webmaster, St. Thomas The Apostle Church, 2008-present
Available on request.

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